Romanian Voice
George Cosbuc
Mihai Eminescu
Nicolae Sirius
Nichita St„nescu

Mihai Eminescu
Nichita St„nescu
George Top‚rceanu

Mihai Eminescu

Mihai Eminescu
Marin Sorescu

Lucian Blaga

Mihai Eminescu
Nicolae Sirius

  1. Above the wind
  2. The road nonpareil
  3. The hunt
  4. The white century
  5. Eventide
  6. The ritual
  7. The green angel
  8. Ancient lay about night
  9. The joys of irony
  10. The truth of flowers
  11. A true phantasy poem
  12. Under empty eyelids
  13. The soul in words
  14. A letter from home
  15. Death of Europe
  16. In the cone of light
  17. Blind days
  18. House of reads, house of glass
  19. Our time
  20. Concealment in self
  21. The treachery of hope
  22. Days passing
  23. Yesterday
  24. The earth under black boots
  25. Eyes of stone rolling on the pavement
  26. On the banks of eventide
  27. Leave now remaindered
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