Romanian Voice
Nicolae Sirius
A True Phantasy Poem

Glass Daisy was her name.
Every autumn Glass Daisy went to the market
A distant fair and too costly.
Yet she would go, selling and buying,
And returning delayed.
Glass Daisy had nothing to sell. One day
I saw her lying between the two poles
Of the world. She had sold five pharaohs
For a handful of sand. But no pyramid
Would she build. Merchandise without
Buyers. A fantastic story
She told to Erend'ra, her tactless
Grandmother, who passed it on
To the wretched prince of her dreams.

Glass Daisy bought what others would fail
To barter; the souls of kings, forgotten
On their thrones, then passed on
To idiots. Take it, she said, feel haughty
You fool, for fatuous kings have shared
Their foolishness with you.
And thus let us delight nature.
Glass Daisy went alone to the market,
A distant fair, and the sweetest tune
Was played always for her. Chestnut trees
and garlands and thresholds always sang.
Glass Daisy danced to the music
Oh how she danced to the tune!

A chestnut enamoured of her:
I can still see a beautiful idol
Resplendent over a creaking gate.
Glass Daisy danced to the tune
Oh how she danced alone
On her way to the market
Far, far away.

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