Romanian Voice
Nicolae Sirius

What was yesterday like?
Ah, yesterday was yesterday.
I remember the order of stars:
Three were alike, three were alone
One was fostering a bigger star
With a wing flapping over the sea
Distended from another ocean.
It had no knowledge
That another star was spinning
Like a mill-wheel.
But it was beautiful, even when shrouded
In dreams. For other stars
Kept flailing at it in anguish.

What was yesterday, then?
Yesterday was yesterday, and I saw the master's
Hand; it was like the Ark
With room in it for everything.
My bones shivered
And I was crying near the ageing tenements
Where ladies with skirts of summer
Tossed over wintry thighs
Were rocking deaf, bushy cats;
And chaining the hounds
Bouncing from moment to moment
Towards their snouts.
With silken tones caressing the oxen
Horns, so they wouldn't topple the earth.
Yesterday; yes, that was yesterday.

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