Romanian Voice
Luciana Stoicescu-Vaughan
Poem for NATO

We live soul-trampling times.
Truth ceased to exist.
Deceit is the only true constant.

My mind is falling asleep
For I can not comprehend.
The history is written in front of our eyes.
The question is, who is rolling the dice (?)

I would like to talk to the children:
Do not spoil your minds
With the confusing polemics of grownups.

I would like to talk to all women:
Do not bring any more children
In this falling apart world.

But the most I would like to talk
To the statesmen of the world
And asking them questions:
Who are you in fact?
You ruminate our destinies
In hidden chambers of fatal negociations
Without caring of our opinions.
You are just ordinary people
Like us, like any of us,
But we were not favored by the
Power giving star.
You were the ones chosen
By the planetary system
Of the benevolent signs of the zodiac.
And what did you do for us?

You are the ones I would talk to the most.
You, who multiply and divide us
According to the last night's nightmare.
Our torment does not reach
The presidential or the royal palace.
The eye of the commoner does not see
Behind closed and forbidden doors.
The man can only await his verdict
But has no way to appeal.

The wound made by you, politicians of all times
Is getting deeper and deeper by the day
And you do not seem to realize
That the only solution is a better taken advise.

You fight for peace in your press conferences
But you start wars in souls and lives.
Is there an end to all this?
The discrepancy betwen nations and people
Is getting bigger. What do you do for this?
I would like you to understand
That now, there is no place for your peace.

We are tired and sick of everything.
Did you ever really care?
We don't see anything around going fair.
You spread among you the usual protocol
At the common table,
Enjoying expensive drinks and
Discussing the same endless topics
With no better results.
Some of you are celebrating
While others are laid in graves, decaying.
What a tragicomedy played in front of us!
Perhaps you even laugh among yourselves
At our ignorance and our hope
That one day, soon, there will be light
At the frontiers of our much tormented world.

I would also like to tell the mankind
In one sentence all that I believe unites us:
The only hope of the defeated is to hope no more.

But if I am wrong
And there are some who don't agree
I dare to say: Stand up and prove it to me!

(For 50h anniversary of NATO)